A400 Milk System Easy clean


A400 Milk System Easy clean


Fully automatic coffee machine with MS milk system
1 or 2 coffee grinders; 1 or 2 powder dosing systems
Built-in water tank or fixed water connection



Recommended daily output (cups)     100 per day
Recommended yearly output (cups)     30000
Height (mm)                 744.00 mm
Width (mm)                 340.00 mm
Depth (mm)                 600.00 mm
Weight (mm)                 38.00 kg

Milk System

Capacity fresh milk stockage         4-12 l
Milk (fill level)             yes
Fresh milk temperature adjustable     yes

Bean Hopper

Number bean hoppers             2
Bean hopper lockable             optional
Capacity bean hopper standard         600.00 g

Water Supply

Fix water connection             yes
Water tank (integrated)         optional
Water tank (external)             optional

Features & Miscellaneous

Cleaning                 EasyClean
Double coffee dispenser         yes
Double milk dispenser             yes
Number of available brewing units     3
Diameter piston             43-50 mm
Steam Wand                 optional
Seperated hot water dispenser         yes
Coffee dispenser height         85-180 mm
Coffee dispenser adjustable         manual
Capacity grounds container         80

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