Summit Blender


Summit Blender



    * Auto Blend stops blender when drink reaches the perfect consistency
    * Wave~Action® system continually forces mixture down into the blades
    * Super-creamy drink profile


    * 3 Hp motor with all-metal drive coupling
    * Jar pad sensor helps prevent "wear & tear"
    * Unique airflow baffle keeps unit cool and prevents water ingress

Ease of Use

    * Auto Blend "One-Touch Sensor Blending"
    * Easy-to-clean controls
    * Timer with automatic shutoff
    * Stackable 1.9 L polycarbonate container
    * USB port for future program updates
    * Quiet Shield™ sound enclosure

Auto Blend "One Touch Sensor Blending" - Patent-pending technology continuously monitors blender's power usage and speed to determine when the perfect drink consistency is achieved.

Hundreds of Pre-Programmed Cycles - Reduces the need to select different cycles for different drinks to free up decision-making time.

Automatic Shutoff - As soon as the mixture reaches the perfect creamy drink profile/consistency, the blender stops to help prevent over- and under-blending.

Super-Creamy Drink Profile - The Wave~Action® System, along with speed and blade design, break down ice from a granita texture to a creamy drink profile.

Cavitation Control - Detects when cavitation occurs and prompts the operator to add more liquid. Keeps the operator from spending time watching the blender and from serving a bad drink.

Airflow Baffle - Constantly circulates cool air around the motor for back-toback blending and longer blender life.

Jar Pad Sensor - Turns off motor when container is not in place to reduce grinding and "wear & tear" from misuse.

Standard: Unit comes with base, one container, sealing gasket, Quiet Shield™ sound enclosure & 3-wire grounded cord and plug

Controls: Touchpad

Container: 1.9 L stackable polycarbonate

Motor: 3 Hp

Electrical: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1000W
Weight: 18.1 lbs / 8.2 kg

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